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LogonTutor Safety

At LogonTutor, we prioritize safety and building trust. We require detailed profile information with references and background checks to ensure our tutors meet our rigorous standards. Additionally, we give parents the tools for further self-vetting and trust building; this includes running additional background checks, conducting online interviews, and checking references to select a tutor that best matches their needs.

Our process results in providing members with a trusted and reliable tutor. Our members are assured that they have dedicated tutors and a seamless tutoring experience from the beginning that is ongoing for themselves or their family members.

Background Checked Tutors

For everyone’s safety, our tutors are carefully selected based on their verified background checks and review of their profile information. Our work also ensures their expertise and teaching abilities meet our high standards.


Tools For Safety And Trust

Employees can run additional background checks, conduct online interviews, and access detailed profile information with references. This process results in providing our members with a trusted and reliable tutor.

Employees Can Find An Excellent Tutor Match

Employees can also find the appropriate tutor with detailed profiles, unbiased ratings, and other parent reviews. This process further provides your employees with a trusted and reliable tutor.

LogonTutor Membership

We give your employees the resources they need to succeed. Consider investing in the LogonTutor For Business Membership Program. This program allows your workforce to access vetted tutors at a reduced cost, saving them up to 66% on private or franchised tutoring expenses.

By providing this valuable benefit, you’ll support your employees and their family members, resulting in a higher return on your people investment through increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Like your employee’s health insurance plan, a company pays for their workers’ membership, allowing employees to get vetted tutors at cost.

What LogonTutor Offers Your Company

Increase In Employee Productivity

Support Of Your Employee's Work-Life Balance

Reduction In Employee Turnover

Showing Employee Appreciation

Sponsorship Of An Employee's Continuing Education

Convenient Tutor Access And Educational Resources

A Safe And Secure Learning Portal For Online Tutoring

Employees Can Save up To 66% With A LogonTutor Membership

LogonTutor Subject Matter Experts

Our company offers subject experts as tutors who can provide their educational expertise to employees or their children by sharing their knowledge.

Nationwide Online Access 24/7*

200+ Academic subjects

Vetted private tutors

K-12 to college (Tutoring for all ages, youth to adult learners)

Employees can select the tutors they prefer

*Based on tutors’ schedules

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