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LogonTutor For Business provides private tutors K-12 to college; 200+ academic subjects, offering yearly background checks, detailed profile information, and self-vetting tools for safety and trust. Our membership is an employee benefit for businesses to help their employees thrive.

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Support employee work-life balance

Reduce turnover in your organization

Show appreciation to your employee

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Achieve Academic Success with LogonTutor For Business!

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LogonTutor understands how important it is for parents to receive support for their ongoing education and their child’s educational needs. We’re here to serve your organization and its employees. We do this by helping you with:

HR Manager

“LogonTutor is a game-changer for companies and their employees. The quality of tutors they provide helps employers demonstrate to their employees that they care about them and their families. The result is an engaged, productive employee who is satisfied with their company and knows they are valued.” 

Shamita Alwani Human Resource Consultant 

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